Top Wedding Trends of 2013

Party Box Design

The over-arching trend in weddings for this year is personalization; couples nowadays do their best to be original and creative when planning their weddings, from save-the-dates to getting that perfect picture.

• Colorful Bridesmaid Dresses Modern day brides are branching out from safe neutral color choices and instead are opting for bold, bright colors like coral, pink, royal blue and teal. They also aren’t afraid to mix things up and put bridesmaids in different complementary colored dresses. (Examples:,,

• Maid of Honor Dress Going along with the first trend is the growing trend to have your Maid of Honor in a different color dress or even different style dress from the other bridesmaids, spotlighting her as the oh-so-important MOH. (Examples of this can be found here.)

• Iconic Pictures With Pinterest as the ever-growing wedding picture resource, brides see iconic pictures of brides and grooms kissing, writing notes to each other before the ceremony begins and even punching their fists in the air or jumping for joy after they are wed. These circulating images create the desire in other couples to capture that perfect shot as well. It no longer suffices to have the traditional photos of the bride and groom and the wedding party; now couples feel the need to have a picture that effectively encapsulates their love for one another, all in a single shot. (Examples:,,,

• Creative Save-the-Dates Another increasingly popular trend is having creative and fun save-the-dates or invitations. It’s not uncommon to see couples posing for pictures with props, such as a chalkboard or wooden numbers, showcasing their wedding date in a cute way. There are also pop outs or magnets, while others use funky fonts or formats in lieu of a picture. Couples today are moving away from the standard, formal, fancy wedding invitations of the past and are instead moving toward fun and creative ways to notify friends and family of their upcoming wedded bliss. (Examples:,,

• Do It Yourself Everyone knows that weddings are expensive, so to cut down on costs, doing things yourself can be a great way to save on your budget. But the DIY craze is not only because it’s cost-effective; it’s sprung to such popularity because people love creating things that are their own and unique. And if you and your friends hand make each and every centerpiece, it will be so much more special on the big day than if someone else had designed and created that for you. (Example:

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